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Move named object in marionette


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I have a couple of quick suggestions before we continue - I would store the pillow as a symbol rather than reference it from inside your Marionette Object (I would place an instance of the pillow within the script area still so that when you place it into a new document it comes through as well, though)

Your point going into the Move node should be a 3D point - use Get XY to separate your desired point and recreate it with the Point 3D node as you've done in other areas of your script.

I'm not sure you have the point you desire going into this port, though I may be mistaken.


I'm more than happy to keep working through this with you, but please try what I've suggested and see if it helps you at all.

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Hi Marissa,


Thanks for your reply. Nice suggestion to use a symbol. Creates lots of possibilities 🙂 I tried to use this, but the symbol inserts at z=0 I added a move node to get it on top of the bed. I have to try some more for placing it at the correct position. An other thing is when I tried to put a 2D component in the symbol it did not work anymore.


What I really want to do is to make a second pillow appear when the bed is wider then a certain size. Tried to start with that, but dit nog work yet.

bed v2.vwx

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