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Schematic View vs Plot & Model View

Mark Aceto

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@markdd I watched it live, and plan on rewatching numerous times, but I’m getting a warning about rigging objects, and also just literally can’t see the stage objects (decks and plugs) in the schematic view. Is it only rigging and lighting?


Is there a rough min marker in your webinar that explains how to accomplish this?


Oh crap, it’s the top vs front view thing isn’t it?

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I’m trying to rotate stage objects 30° off vertical:


7 hours ago, Mark Aceto said:

Trying to model a roof surface / array with the following parameters:

  • Parametric editing
  • 48x96x4 "tile" (sheet of some outdoor weather rated material)
    • Outer finish component w/ "concrete" material
    • Core / load bearing component w/ a material
    • Insulation component w/ a material
  • 48x96x4 "tile" attaches to metal framing
    • 2x6 profile
    • 48x48 frame (grid)
    • Frame aligns / flush with all edges including plugs along the "gable" side of the structure
  • Mitered hip with no gaps

I'm too lazy to plate this up right now, so in the attached screenshot:

  • The concrete / Tyvek textured pyramid is 2 joined roof faces
  • The untextured pyramid is 2 surface arrays

I'm tempted to do a schematic view of stage deck / plug objects, and fake the mitered hip, but I'm afraid (literally shaking in my boots) this may turn into my first Marionette project... 


Exterior view:


Screen Shot 2020-10-25 at 10.28.55 AM.png


Interior view:


Screen Shot 2020-10-25 at 10.29.01 AM.png

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8 hours ago, Mark Aceto said:

Is there a rough min marker in your webinar that explains how to accomplish this?


Hi Mark


Only Rigging objects and geometry within Hanging Positions will respond to the hanging position command. Any items that can be attached to either of these such as Speakers, Drape objects, Load objects, Motors and of course Lighting devices will be shown. 


To my knowledge staging like the Stage Deck tools cannot be be added to schematic views. Sadly the only way to show a decking object at any angle other than flat on the ground is to ungroup it. This will mean that all the plug-in functionality will be lost.  


The Create Plot and Model View command is in the Workspace Editor last time I looked, but the staging plug-ins will not rotate inside a viewport.


@C. Andrew Dunning Now, if the Stage deck tools could have a similar "3D only" function as the Truss objects, then they could probably be rotated any way you like.


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@markdd  thanks! I forgot about the word "Create" so I was searching scanning for "plot". I'm sure search functionality has already been requested in the workspace editor... 


@C. Andrew Dunning I tried rotating a DLVP with stage objects but I get the ole "hybrid objects can only be rotated... " error message. Maybe I'm missing something? File attached.

Tilted Stage v01.vwx

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9 minutes ago, C. Andrew Dunning said:

Now...what does NOT work is fixtures' auto-focusing from within DLVPs.



Or Braceworks trim height functionality when moving an entire system hung from motors... 


Speaking of trim height, I can't believe I never noticed this before (sorry, I couldn't resist):





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9 minutes ago, Mark Aceto said:

@C. Andrew Dunning I'm all good with truss and lights (and 3D objects that aren't hybrid). It only seems to be an issue with stage objects (which I guess I've never tried before) or other hybrid objects that aren't lights.


You can add those things to DLVPs already raked but you are correct in that you can't adjust rake for DLVPs containing those objects.  This is not new.

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15 minutes ago, C. Andrew Dunning said:


You can add those things to DLVPs already raked but you are correct in that you can't adjust rake for DLVPs containing those objects.  This is not new.


I guess I've just never tried rotating hybrid objects (other than truss, pipe, lights) in a DLVP, CPMV or SV before. I got here for this project because of the limitations of the Surface Array tool:




And you know how I love to use the Landru / stock tools to work around missing functionality. On that note, is there a way to adjust the width of the "trim" of stage plug objects to match the profile of stage deck objects?






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1 hour ago, markdd said:


Andrew. Maybe an idea for your version of the stage deck tools - The ability to remove the 2D Geometry from the Stage Deck Plug-in objects in the same way as you can for the Truss Objects. This would enable them to be used on Raked stages.


The Draw 3D Only checkbox for the truss symbols would be my dream scenario for LED video screens too (adding the ability to insert 3D symbols of tiles and bumpers) 🙂


Not for nothing but I was able to fake a raked stage aka a "faked" stage 🤣 with the ramp tool but it has to be rectangular (no plugs for wings or thrusts), and the ends have to be vertical instead of tilting with the raked surface. That might actually help me with another project I'm working on... 



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