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Project Sharing Not Working



I am new to Vectorworks and I am trying to use Project Sharing. I have set up myself and my colleague have Administrative Permissions. I am able to check out any layer and I have done so then used "Save and Commit" and "Close and Release". Every time she tries to check out a layer she get the attached message, saying it cannot be checked out because it is. The main project file is saved on OneDrive and our working files are saved locally to our individual computers. I tried to do a restart and make sure OneDrive was synced also.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

1. Does she have the latest version of OneDrive installed?

2. Does she have the Project File in her OneDrive folder? Is the size of the Project File the same as yours? Make sure you have "Files On-Demand" turned off? This ensures the Project File is actually synced to your computer.

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  1. We have both reinstalled OneDrive again to make sure it is up to date.
  2. The project file is saved in my OneDrive and shared with her. When we open the file, since I have enabled project sharing, this creates a working file for each of us. Each of us are sharing our working file locally on the computer not in OneDrive. I saw that this is allowed because the working file will sync back with the project file no matter where it is. This works fine for me but she still cannot check out any layers.
  3. We have turned off File On-Demand.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

After investigation with @Kal, we found that the permission of files in her colleague's local OneDrive folder was incorrect. If you have similar issues, please check that everyone working on the project has full access.

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