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Differences between using Vectorworks on Mac OS and Windows

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The purpose of this thread is to note the differences only. Please do not use this thread to discuss the merits of those differences!

Having recently discussed some minor differences between using Vectorworks on Mac OS and Windows on the email list I thought it would be useful to have a thread here for reference purposes, being that the differences aren't pointed out clearly elsewhere.

So here're the main differences I know of. Please elaborate or add any others.

Window docking (Windows only, at time of writing)

Basically dockable windows is a Windows user interface feature that allows you to connect your toolbars and windows instead of having them float freely. Here it is as a wishlist item for VW on Mac OS, if you want to discuss the merits, etc.

Apple Quartz Imaging Support (Mac OS only, at time of writing)

From NNA's marketing material: Version 12 now takes advantage of Apple?s Quartz imaging technology. Quartz offers all Macintosh users better support for large format printers. And it gives Macintosh users substantial improvements over how objects display on screen. With Quartz, endpoints now draw with round end caps, jagged edges are smoothed out with the Quartz anti-aliasing preference and diagonal lines no longer appear thicker than horizontal and vertical lines. Quartz also gives Macintosh users true, adjustable layer transparency.

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I have found that if I have a VW file on CD if I open it in VW Windows it will do so by creating a new untitled file of that file.

On Mac the file will not open giving an error message.

With the file copied from the CD to the Mac hard drive then it will open in VW Mac version.

I realise this is probably because how VW works from the point of view of referencing the file for saving and undo purposes and cannot do that to a file burnt to CD.

When wishing to access and copy elements from many files on many different CD's the Windows version involves less work, without the need to clear files off the workstation merely close the untitled file without saving.

If I'm missing a trick with regard to the Mac scenario I'd love to hear a solution/answer please.


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