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Selected irrigation symbol does not "stick"

Luciole Design


Anyone know how to apply the correct symbol for irrigation heads (get it to "stick")? 

When I pick the correct symbol (1/3 head, standard vectorworks symbol, filled), vectorworks picks a different, wrong symbol (Q head, unfilled). Luckily, the catalog data remains the same.


Replacing with a custom symbol works, but it does not rotate correctly, cannot be manually rotated. Or maybe it can, but I don't know what to include in my symbol to create a properly rotating symbol, nor show how to specify the direction to the center of the spray pattern, nor basically anything I'd need to make this work. 


Workaround (bad): create a custom symbol that does not show arc so if it doesn't rotate, no big deal. Not a great solution, but better than quarter heads for half pattern!


OI Palette was my compromise so I could continue working. Yes, I really did want the symbol in "wanted.png"!


FIRST IMAGE: Vectorworks (wrong) pick

SECOND IMAGE: WHAT I WANTED: My choice from standard Vectorworks symbols

THIRD IMAGE: My crappy compromise that doesn't rotate away from the spray pattern. 




OI Palette.png

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3 hours ago, lgoodkind said:

Here's a file demonstrating the problem.  I hope this can be resolved.  We can't really use the irrigation module until it is.



Irrigation fail.vwx 324.95 kB · 0 downloads


I don't why the problem you are having occurred, but I have seen it intermittently.  If you grab the spray arc's handle or change the arc's degrees in the OIP, it forces the emitter to update and you symbol can then be changed to whatever you want.  This seems to happen with some non-irrigation plugin objects as well, so I wonder if it's something deep in the program.  I always feel like I'm tempting fate when using the Vectorworks Irrigation tools and never use it when on a tight deadline, that seems to be when these gremlins come out en masse.  Hope it helps...

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