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Embed geometry from VW into Marionette Node


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I'm a newbie to Marionette coming from the world of Grasshopper.  I'm looking for a way to take existing geometries from Vectorworks and embed/reference it into a Marionette script. I know in grasshopper you can reference in geometry from Rhino as a BREP, but I can't find documentation if you can do this in Marionette. Thanks!

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I think what you are looking for is called Control Geometry. Once you create an Object Node out of a Network, you can edit the Control Geometry by right clicking on the object. The Control Geometry node will get you a "handle" to the first object in the Control Geometry group.


You can also access object outside of the node by Criteria. Name might be the easiest way. If you need multiple items perhaps place them in a group that is named in the OIP so the Object Node can find it.

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