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Can a script change viewport class/layer visibilities?

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1 hour ago, Jesse Cogswell said:

@SamIWas ,

@line-weight mentioned in the original post that they have been using the eyedropper tool to do this, but it becomes very tedious if you have a large number of viewports spread across multiple sheet layers, the tool I wrote and posted above allows you to do it all in one go, and has the ability to force the viewports to run an update as well.


Sigh...that's what happens when I don't finish reading the entire post and move on to the responses....🤔


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Yes, this script is great and is saving me a lot of time and tedium on one particular project where I have a large number of viewports with quite complicated class setups.


The eyedropper tool can be slow, not just because you have to go around each viewport manually, but because of the slowness with which Vectorworks opens up and draws sheet layers with large numbers of viewports (something that might have improved somewhat in later versions, but at least in VW2018 which I'm still using, switching between such sheet layers is incredibly lethargic and tedious).


Being able to tick the box that re-renders all the viewports you've just updated also saves quite a lot of time (although, if I had one further suggestion to @Jesse Cogswell it would be that this box should be un-ticked rather than ticked by default, as it's quite easy to unintentionally set VW off on a redraw when you didn't meant to).

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@line-weight , ask and you shall receive.  The script will now save the choice from the Attributes to Copy drop-down as well as the Update Viewports checkbox to a resource file and will recall those settings the next time you run the command.  This is set globally, so these settings will be recalled regardless of which drawing you have open.  Update Viewports will be unchecked by default the first time you run the tool.

Copy Viewport Settings.vsm

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