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Trouble with Title Block Symbol & Drawing Border Tool

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I am having trouble using the drawing border tool to insert both standard and custom title blocks. In a new drawing I will add a Drawing Border using the DB tool, and then attempt to add a Title Block, but I keep getting a message that says "No symbols found in the active document". I thought we were supposed to see an import dialog so we can specify which title block we want. Those Title Blocks are in the default library, and are where I have added my custom block. If I just add the Drawing Border and then try to add a title block through the OIP I get the same message.

I just want to add a border with my own title block attached.

What am I missing?


VectorWorks Designer 12.0.1

MAC PowerBook G4 OS 10.3.9

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That was it.

Thank-you. I have not delved too deeply into all the new buttons,tools, menus, tool sets, and workspaces in v.12 so it does not surprise me that I had de-selected the "Show Default Content" button, thereby preventing me from seeing the default libraries available not only to the Drawing Border Tool, but also the Hatches and Gradients Menus.

That explains a few things. Now I'm moving on to that darn Place Plant Tool!!

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