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Creating snap points for truss corners

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Can someone point me in the direction of a tutorial / document which addresses adding and editing 2d and 3d Loci. 


I've got a QX30 Dedo Symbol I'd like to add snap points to. 


I'm a novice just getting started with educational 21. 



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@BNULB Are you talking about the Auto Connect function?  The 2D and 3D loci are remnants of the truss symbols before the Auto Connect feature was added to the software.  It sounds like the QX30 is a Litec corner.  Is is possible to share a screenshot or the file so that I can see what type of corner this is so I can provide the best help?  Without knowing the configuration of this corner I don't know which technique for determining the snap locations to show.

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Hi there @JustinVH


Yes, setting up trusses so they auto connect correctly. Upon further research, I don't think I'll be able to do this myself as I don't have the braceworks plugin? 


Here's the file...


The Dedo block is a 6 way connection corner which has half eggs mounted directly onto it.


QX30 Dedo.vwx

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@BNULB Even though you have the educational version you still should be able to use Auto Connect as that is a Spotlight/Designer feature.  You won't be able to run calculations because that is what the Braceworks module adds to the software.


I took a look at your file and that DEDO symbol is from the VW libraries but it looks like you modified the 2D which is perfectly fine.  Your particular instance in your document seems to have inserted as a 2D/3D symbol and not a Truss Object.  I used your symbol and inserted it using the 'Insert Truss' from the Rigging toolset and was able to connect Litec QX30SA truss to all six locations.  Let me know if you have any further questions but you are on the right track and it should work for you.

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