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Rotated plans that I didn't rotate?



Hey again, I appreciate you all so much while I navigate this program for a pretty major undertaking of updating all of our drawings. 


So this time, not a seating problem. This time, on this one drawing, my plans are showing up rotated, but I don't remember if or when I rotated them? Is there a way to fix that that permanently changes the rotation and doesn't give you the option to look at Top/Plan or Rotated Top/Plan? 


I have attached an image as well that shows what I'm looking at. I put the PDF I'm working off of into another drawing just to see if it kept the rotation, and it did. Thanks in advance for the help! 

Why are my plans rotated.jpg

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@Boh I did try that on my original file, it rotated at some point and took the rest of the drawing with it. It didn't start rotated and everything I've tried since then has created the two views. The rotate tool in the view toolbar creates a "rotated top/plan" view and a "top/plan" view. Rotating it with the rotation tool does the same. If that's the only solution, I'll live with it and see if I can move it into a new file and have it not be rotated or something like that just because I know my bosses have a preference. 

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