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P Retondo

Custom cabinet limitations?

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I've tried using the Custom Cabinet tool in v2020.  It only draws a "Eurostyle" cabinet - can't draw a face frame, can't even draw a side scribe.  Does that gibe with the experience of others?  It can't draw a box with unequal drawers, you have to do separate "boxes," which is not how anyone making cabinets would fabricate something.  Am I missing something, or is this truly another tool that VW or third party engineers laborered over that promises more usefulness than it delivers?  Or is this just a "teaser," and a more capable version is available with "InteriorCAD?"


Sorry to sound negative, but either the limitations are real, or the actual power of the tool is not evident.  I think it's important for VW to get feedback - and to summarize mine, nice idea, but not anywhere near where it needs to be and I would much rather have seen fixes to the window, door or stairs tools.  I'll still have to end up creating custom cabinets from scratch using generic 3d elements, so this feature cost VW money and does nothing for me.  For what it's worth, though, the interface with highlighting of elements is very much in the right direction.


PS, ungrouping the object results in a set of extrudes - brilliant!  Maybe I can use it after all as a starting point.  I like the fact that the face elements are slightly spaced, which allows them to be revealed in 3d with the shadow created.

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1 hour ago, P Retondo said:

Or is this just a "teaser," and a more capable version is available with "InteriorCAD?


I think that is the situation.


A friend of mine uses InteriorCAD for his cabinet shop and can do pretty much anything with it, but it's a rather expensive add-on.

This lite version is limited, but still has its uses.


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Just FYI, there are two "flavors" of InteriorCAD, one is called XS and is suited for designers/architects and is fairly reasonably priced, the other "full blown" version is suited for the production of cabinets in a shop.

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I also recently posted a question about this tool. It is just a teaser to try to get us to buy the Interior Cad package but still our office has adopted it (as is) as our default starting point for cabinets, mainly because one tool let's us build any cabinet. Yes, we need to model some components from scratch (like the side scribes). My main frustration is that the gaps between cabinet fronts are really wide so in elevation views I'm getting three lines appearing at each gap; one for the edge of each cabinet front and a third line in between showing the carcasses meeting. These three lines end up appearing (or printing) as one fat line. I downloaded the trial version of InteriorCad SX but I don't think we'll buy it.  It does allow us adjust the width of the gaps and many other variables, and provides a better library of pulls but it's not worth $400 / year / person for our work. Meanwhile I still use the native VW cabinets sometimes because we can adjust the gaps.

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So things are improving with the new InteriorCAD Cabinetmaker. Scribes are working well. Framed fronts are working also. The face frame tool has not made it into the New Cabinetmaker yet, but it is coming soon. I am in the process of migrating to 2021 from 2019 Classic. The new Cabinetmaker has been missing necessary features while in development the last 4-5 years. I think it has led to confusion around what the software can do. 

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