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I am using VW12 Architect and with all of the new palettes, I am running out of room on my screen for drawing. Does anyone know of a way to easily toggle all of the palettes on/off? I used to use Microstation & had a plugin that would automatically minimize the palettes & then expand them when you moved your mouse over the minimized palette.

I am running OS.X 10.4.5.

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Something to save screen space on the left would be to display the tools and tool sets as icons only. You can control this through the arrow at the bottom of the basics tool palette and the other list of tool sets.

The OIP, Nav, and Attribute palettes can easily be turned on by right clicking in the drawing and selecting palettes, then the palette.

I'll investigate to see if I can write a script to turn them on and off.

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I have done some of the things you mentioned, and also use the short cut keys to toggle on/off the individual palettes (command-r, command-i, etc). This does get tedious, though. It would be great to have a script that would close or minimize all the palettes and then have them reappear in the same place they were before they were minimized or closed. This would give you the best of both worlds - easy access to tools and information as well as a large screen for drawing.

thanks for your help,


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