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link image to symbol

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I've posted this question also in the general discussion but maybe Marionette can help...not sure.


Is it possible to link an image (png/jpg) to a symbol? I'd like to list symbols in a WS with a nice image next to it instead of an rasterized version of the symbol itself.


 I've seen an example of a plant tag which does the trick but I use architect and not landscape so I don't have access to that tag.



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Several possibilities, but none of them are really a "link".


1. Put the image into the symbol and set the class to all of the images to the same class. When you Recalculate the worksheet, make sure the class the image(s) are in is turned on and the classes that the other parts of the symbol are turned off.


2. Put the images into individual symbols. Store the symbol name in a Record.Field attached to the symbol. You should then be able to use the name of the "image symbol" to use the image symbol for the image in the worksheet.

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Hi Pat,


Thanks for thinking along with me.


I guess something like the plant tag would help me the most but your second suggestion might do the job too...but I so far I can't get it to work.


My setup:


Symbol 1: a chair with a record ([RC] 82_furniture) attached to it with a text field (image) including the name of symbol 2

Symbol 2: an pgn image of the chair


Now in the Worksheet I list the 'symbol 1' items. No big deal...but I can't manage to show the image of 'symbol' 2. What formula should I use?


=IMAGE(S='[RC] 82_furniture'.'image')  results in false

=IMAGE('[RC] 82_furniture'.'image')  results in just the text of the field...


If I enter =IMAGE(S='82_Hay-AAC_IMG'), so the name of symbol 2, in an empty cell it does work but only when the symbol is in the drawing. Ideally I keep those symbols out of the drawing and call the image symbols from the resources...


Please find my setup attached.


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I didn't think about it yesterday, but Worksheets can only access items that are in the drawing, not only in the resource manager. I think your best bet is to probably have an extra layer with a single copy of all of your image symbols.


Let me give this some more thought and see if I can come up with any other ideas.

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But how would I define the formula when I add that extra layer with the Image symbols on it? I couldn't get it to work with the name of the image symbol in a record field.


I'm still curious how the plant tag is organized since that tool has the functionality in it that I'm looking for...as far as I can see it in online resources...

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Well currently we've got people manually adding images to a list of furniture items. I've already setup a furniture library in VW and I'd like to expand it by adding an image to each item. So whenever an peace of furniture is placed on the drawing automatically the right image is shown in the list. In my opinion a spreadsheet cell would be enough. I'm not sure if the images are also included in de excel export function of VW21? Would be nice...


What kind of workflow are you thinking of when speaking of a database?


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