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Heights/spot elevations on site model/objects in section


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@Pat Stanford I understand. The stake was "set elevation to site model" but I also tried to change the mode to "Use onbly as 2D/3D graphic" but it still doesnt show anything. 


@Frederic_Vbc Unfortunately the tag doesnt show either.


I dont know what you are thinking about this issue, but for us this is a fundamental tool that we would need and use everyday. We are working hard to implement VW for us as a landscaping firm, but still think the program is missing some basic tools that we would really be in need of! 


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@Elin Did you put your data tag on the viewport ?
I Could not find a data tag just for elevation so I quickly made one. Have a look at the file attached. Is that what you want to achieve ?


On your design layer :

  • Set your 3D stakes on the site model
  • Create a section
  • Set your section viewport on a new sheet layer

On the sheet layer :

  • Enter annotation mode in your viewport
  • Use the data tag on your stakes. (As mentionned, I made a custom one. It takes 2 min and you can save it in your library. See picture below)

Custom Data tag elev.png

Data tag elev.png

Elevation data tag.vwx

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