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Mark Aceto

Updating Referenced Files to New VW Versions

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This has always been a pain point for me. I have to jump into a 2014 project that has a v2015 master drawing that references a bunch of other v2015 files that are scattered across a complex folder (see note below). That means I have to individually locate and open each referenced file, and save it as a new v2021.


Are there recommendation for a more streamlined workflow?

  • Is there a way around this that I'm overlooking?
    • Can I batch convert a group of files in the same folder?
  • Is there a best practice for referenced file locations?
    • Like how I have single VW Backup folder now?
    • What I started doing was created a "Referenced" folder in the same folder as the master drawing

* NOTE: this was before the days of Project Sharing, so thank god for that!


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Yes, you can Batch Convert. It is in the File menu.


What about making a folder of Aliases to the referenced files and Batch Converting that folder?


The challenge may be that Batch Convert may want to change the file names.


You might be better off just cloning the entire folder structure and batch converting everything with just a new name or year on the top level folder.

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I think Batch convert doesn't need to add its VW 2021 suffix.


Because of that annoying migration need,

I try to keep all my References in a single Folder, at least in a

single Folder Structure. I also think Batch Convert can deal

with sub folders.


I may keep 2-3 VW versions of References down as a Backup only.

But when I tested the file (without References) in a new VW version

and decided to work with the new version,

I will just use the existing standard References path for the new

file version. I will just copy the existing Refs as a back up in an

other folder for the worst case and migrate/convert all References

files in my main Ref path.

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10 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

Yes, you can Batch Convert. It is in the File menu.


@Pat Stanford thank you!


9 hours ago, zoomer said:

I think Batch convert doesn't need to add its VW 2021 suffix.


@zoomer that's correct--thanks!


I said it before, and I'll say it again, thank god for project sharing! (so I don't have to deal with 9 referenced files scattered across colleagues' and vendors' folders anymore)


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