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Issues with Front Elevation of Tail-downs in a Deck Plot

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Hello Vworks World!


Hope everyone is doing well in Covid times! The Vectorworks University programs have been amazing to check out during our mandatory home time.


So, I am struggling with with a combination of Industry standard practices of having a "callout" style deck plot and drafting in 3D. In the show that I'm doing, I have 4 tail downs from 2 line sets at varying depths, and 2 Lustr Series 2 on each tail down. The goal was to render and test my beams in the plot, as well as create a 3d accurate version of the theatre, but my professor is now showing that what I need to do for clarity and data is create a deck plot using callout boxes in a separate design layer that shows *vertically* where they're being hung on the pipe, as well as all of the data that goes with each instrument (purpose, Channel, and Unit #). In my circumstances, I also have to be careful to not have 2 instruments representing the same data, because I'm using the Lightwright 6 Data exchange system.


How on earth do I either A: create a movable section view of just the tail down and get the data properly transposed on it with text boxes. or B :have multiple symbols (2d and 3d) representing the same instrument, without repeating the data in the LW6 data. I really like having the 3d lights in the space, as I'm using a live section viewport for the whole drawing, and testing the beams was so helpful, I would hate to just delete it for a footprint.


Please let me know if anyone knows anything about this, or if this is just wishful thinking! I've attached a few images to help!




Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 10.57.01 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 10.58.34 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 10.58.52 AM.png

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So the drop sown bars need to be separate positions where you can create a schematic view. Spotlight  - Visualisation - Create Schematic View


Also for isolated section views of specific positions you should use the clip cube tool to create a section viewport. Basically right click on the clip cube face and select create section viewport.



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Thank you so much! That was honestly super helpful! Now I can have them represented in both the Design, and Sheet layers without clogging up my master plot. That Clip Cube tool is AMAZING. 


And yeah I had to end up adding side arms to the tail downs, so a further complication of positioning, but in the end it's turning out well! Thank you again!

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