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Data Visualization and Exterior/Interior Wall components (@ Windows)

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Afternoon All,


Does anyone know how to apply data visualization to the exterior/interior wall components governed by plug in window symbols?


See below example of a simple data visualization that turns all walls grey. As you can see the wrapped wall components that are part of the window symbol have not taken the grey fill.




Is there a specific criteria that controls these elements that can be added to the visualization criteria? I would have thought they would be an extension of the wall they are inserted into and would display the same as the wall to which they are attached but clearly not.


Ideally for a simple grey fill we would utilise the wall type attributes and low detail level but unfortunately this is an existing project (prior to our use of data visualization) where said wall style attributes have been used to assign different colours to different wall types.


Hoping to avoid having to go through the project amending all wall type attributes to show grey at low detail and applying a data visualization for the colour coding.

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