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STORIES/LEVELS - default name override

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So, Sunday, 4:50 AM, we are in lockdown. Let's tackle this.


In 2018 I filed this bug report:

Story Level Types: eligible for any obfuscation contest


Level Types are used in

  • Story Level List
  • Level Types list
  • Level Template list

The list of Level Types should always display all Level Types defined in a document (the stories). This isn't always the case (screenshot 1). There are a number of situations where this list goes out of document sync. As a principle I have only files where I have no idea what is in those lists.


If the Level Types list is not complete

  • any edit of Level Types whose name is not in the list is impaired (screenshot 2).
  • if the Level Type should be re-used, the user must retype again and again its name.
  • design layers whose Level Type is not in the list don't show that level properly (screenshot 3)
  • no VS-script access

The Level Templates list is even more cryptical, I gave up on it totally.
It can mix things up to the point of total obfuscation. It seems to mix parts of the Application's default content, past used story levels and God knows what else. (screenshot 5)


You can easily delete a level from the Level Type list, it will remain in the stories if in usage, the list wont ever show it again.


You can also import from another file a design layer whose level is not included in the Level Type. The imported design layer won't use that level, but at one point but not immediately the level will show in the Level Type list

  • Screenshot 4a: the properties of a design layer in another document, it uses a Level Type 'FarAwayLevel'
  • Screenshot 4b: the design layer just after import: no trace of Level Type 'FarAwayLevel'
  • Screenshot 4c: close and relaunch the Organization dialog, now it's there

Please open the attached document, it contains a story whose list of level types has gone detached from the Level Type list and experiment with creating levels. Measure your own state of comfort and/or confusion.
























Story Level Type lists.vwx Story levels extreme test file.vwx

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Then I filed this:

[WISH] VS Stories: access to story level list by index


The VS access to story levels is not up to the latest story development:

  1. It is not possible to fetch levels that are not listed either in the Level Types list or Level Templates list.
  2. It is not possible to determine securely if a level is used or not (meaning: has a checkmark in the "Edit Story" list browser listing all levels)
  3. there is no direct method to determine if a suffix is used as prefix

In the attached file 
--> The level "test" is present in the story "Story-1", but not in the level templates
How can we find it by script?

  • GetNumLayerLevelTypes: INTEGER; won't count it.
  • GetLevelTypeName(index: INTEGER): STRING won't ever find it by index

--> "Layerless Level" has no checkmark, is not used in this story.
How do I know if it is used or not, by script? In some case one can check if a a design layer is linked to the story, but not here. It is layerless.

GetLayerForStory(story: HANDLE; levelType: STRING): HANDLE; won't find a layer, since there is none linked to it

Please implement 

  1. a list of levels story by story, so that we can fetch their name and thus infos using GetLevelElevation(storyHandle: HANDLE; levelType: STRING): REAL; 
  2. if a level is in usage or not 
  3. suffix or prefix


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@zoomer, @ComputerWorks

given the infos above, you should be very careful with that Marionette script. There is room for real havoc scripting storey levels at the moment and Marionette won't go over Vectorscript. SDK stuff perhaps can fix things.

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