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Dimension text flips?

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I dimension a drawing. I exit the drawing. When I re-open the drawing the dimension text has flipped (mirrored) from above the line to below (or left of line to right of line if the dimension is vertical).........I have to then select the dimensions and adjust the text offset to reset it back to how it was.

Any thoughts?

Am using Vectorworks 11 on an imac G5 OSX 10.5

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The flipped text preference is on, and the text offset is set, for instance to 20mm in the OIP. When I re-open the drawing after saving and closing, the text flips and I have to re-set the offset in the OIP to something like -60mm to get it looking right again. it may be that someone else in the office has opened and saved the drawing after me, and that this may be part of the problem?

It doesn't happen to to all dimensions or to all drawings. Just asking on here to see if anyone else had this problem, and if so was there a quick fix. Life's never that easy!!

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Actually, Steve, your problem may be that the Adjust Flipped Text is turned ON. In that setting, VW makes the decision whether to "flip" the text or not. . .and it may simply not be making the same decision when you reopen the file. Try turning it off for this document, adjust as required (remember you can use Flip Vertical and/or Flip Horizontal on dimensions) and see if things don't stay the way you left them.

Good luck,

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