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Exploding a symbol





New user over here, hi everyone!


So, I'm trying to explode a symbol that's from Spotlight library. My idea is to get the swiwel coupler part so I can build new symbols. How can I explode the symbol so I can use only that part from this:




If I take an Sketchup object and start editing it I get this dialogue:




And I can work with what I want. But when I try to do the same with the symbol I try work with it shows like this:




Are these library symbols locked in a way that I cannot cut 'em or get the actual parts out which I want? I'm currently working a lot with scaffolding structures (since there's no events, our company has switched to these) and the available library doesn't include the special parts I'd need. I'm coming from AutoCAD background and our company is switching to Vectorworks currently.


Thanks a big one in advance!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The symbol you are editing may be made of multiple symbols, so it could be that you are just editing a different element within the symbol. Have another go, making sure the cursor is positioned exactly over the element you want. The library symbols are not locked, so you will be able to get to the geometry.


To completely "explode" the symbol, so it is no longer a symbol, in a 3D view, choose Modify > Convert > Convert to Group. Then Ungroup to get to all the elements. Note however, that with a hybrid symbol, this will discard the 2D element. Similarly, if you were to run Convert to Group on a symbol in Top/Plan view, you would lose the 3D elements. 

I hope that helps.

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