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Copy objects from point to point?

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Not only is it not obvious, but the manual has no index entry for "right click" or "mouse buttons" or any other word that a user would conceivably look for when seeking how to implement this feature. Many things have improved with VW over the years, but the manual remains sadly inadequate - especially the index! How hard could it be . . .

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Thanks P Retondo and bc:

I found it right there on page B-5 "Modifying Context Menus."

Ok, it's not really obvious (if I may rant for a moment). There's no mention of the right mouse button. They assume that Mac users don't have right mouse buttons. So they say "Ctrl-click." Say what?

Anyway it works and should save me lots of time.

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Yeah, technically they are called "contextural menus" because they can change based on what is happening at the time. I guess if you are using a mac laptop, you still have only the single button and have to ctrl-click (or whatever). I agree that it is not that obvious if you dont know exactly what you are looking for. Just having the online docs java based screws with my Firefox.

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It's a java issue with FF (, that I have for some reason (havent had time to really play with it). I actually get it to work in Safari, even though the Knowledge base says it wont. :-P

I keep a link off to the side of the desktop to open the help document.

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