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interactive scaling

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i recently installed vw 12 and the 12.01 update and have been using it for a few days now. the biggest nuisance to me is this: for some reason "enable interactive scaling" becomes deselected from time to time without my knowing. i have to manually select the pointer tool and enable the setting several times a day. is this a glitch or is there a setting or shortcut that i am pressing?

also, where do i find import/export sketchup files? it is not listed anywhere under the file menu.

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thanks for the links. i've looked at the scaling issue thread and tried the suggestions, but no help. i even reinstalled vw today and am still experiencing the same problem. as far as i can tell, it seems totally random, and happens serveral times a day. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The "u" key can be toggling it on and off.

If you have the 2d selection tool active and accidentally press the U key, the mode is turned off.

Alternatively, the I, O, P, [, and ] are the control keys for toggling through the sets of modes.

This is the case for every tool in VectorWorks that has mode options.

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Hi Katie,

This happens to me very frequently, and I can promise you it is not a matter of accidently hitting a mode key. I have used the apple-space bar for zoom in VW from the moment it was available (I'm a long time Adobe user).

I find that randomly the mode switches to the interactive instead of marquee. This happens in both 12.0 and 12.0.1


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I too am aware of the mode keys and am quite sure there is no accidental pressing of the u key. I pretty much use the x, c, v and space bar shortcuts on a regular basis, which are on the other side of the keyboard. after reading the other comments, i am convinced that this is not a user error, but an application glitch. i appreciate all of the new features in v12, but this is becoming quite frustrating.

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