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Mac OS X 10.4.6 and Vectorworks 12

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One gotcha that people are having, while not VW specific is that the Server version is causing havoc with Apple File Sharing. One either has to revert to the 10.4.5 AFP instructions I am not convinced that this is the best way, though it appears to work. The other way to handle it is here.

This will impact those who have OSX Server software I believe.


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I just updated and found numerous issues with Vectorworks 12 with my Imac G5 PPC.

1. I cannot access one layer from another when show/snap/modify others is selected.

2. It seemed that each drawing I opened doubled in size ( from 1mb to 2mb) making the redraw slow. I am running 512mb of memory I know but prior to the upgrade it was fine.

3. Everything on screen located in the VW window disappears. It reappears when I zoom in or out!

Any help or some light shed on this would very, very helpful. I am making a living using Vectorworks. When its down, I'm down.

Thanks in advance.

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CD - I assume you restarted after the upgrade? Did you upgrade the OS, or VW, or both?

One quirk I have seen is "sometimes" VW freaks out by not switching layers, or thinks the layer is another scale, and needs to be shut down and re-started. Dont know if that helps you or not.

I'm going to be really stupid and install XP on my iMac and install VW for windows just to see what happens. Insert evil laughter here.

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Good news. I was working on 5 drawings at the time the update occured and they must have become corrupt. I took the information in those drawings and transferred them to a drawing I did a "save as" on prior to the update. Now I can access all layers and the screen doesn't go blank.

Thanks Katie for making me think it was a file problem not a program problem.

Back to work!


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I have had a couple of problems running VW12 on 10.4.6:

1) zooming in too closely on imported images, close enough to where the image does not fit inside the window, ruins scrolling or panning. I have to zoom out to scroll and then zoom back in.

2) As CanukDesigner, I cant select from different layers even with that option turned on.

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Pancho - I would imagine that if Quartz was turned off, the zooming/panning problem would be resolved. Have you tried that?

As for the selection problem across layers -- try to force select the item. If you still can't, make sure you are not in the middle of editing a symbol or the object you are trying to force select is not a nested object within a larger symbol within a symbol. I've seen this happen when people have put a whole floor plan inside of a symbol, inside of a symbol, and so on.

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