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How to place a car symbol on a slope.

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OK, sorry. Determine your slope (in degrees). Then edit the symbol (you can enter the symbol to edit by double clicking on it in any 3d view). Once you enter the symbol, make sure that it is all one group, or if not do a SELECT ALL and then GROUP to be certain. Now you should be able to rotate the symbol. When you are done, click DONE in the upper right. If you need the same car at different rotations you will need to make copies of the symbol, renaming each one. HTH's :-)

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Hallam try the following:

- Duplicate the vehicle symbol in your drawing resources with '+ slope' added to its name.

- Place an instance of the symbol on the sloping roadway.

- Go to a side view and double click the symbol to Edit the 3D component.

- Select All and rotate the 3D components to the required slope up or down, depending on which way you want the car pointing.

- Exit the Symbol Edit and adjust the height of the 3D symbol so it sits on your 3D roadway.

As long as your slope is not too severe the new 'inclined' hybrid symbol will work okay. For each different slope you will require a unique 'inclined' hybrid symbol. Ditto for pointing up slope and down slope. Be sure to give them names which tell you what they are doing inclination wise. eg Car Sportscar 3? uphill.

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