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Can I fix a problem with a Vision fixture mode myself?

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We have some Wybron Nexeras in a theater space that we are using for class and I need to have a Vision file of the space for students to use in a project. Unfortunately, the Nexera fixture mode for Vision seems to be broken.  When the Nexeras import to Vision, the lights are constantly on and the intensity channel has no effect.  The three color channels work fine and all the other fixtures work normally. (MAC 550s, MAC Auras)  I assume this is an issue with data mapping.  Is there a way I can fix this myself?  I wrote to VW but haven't heard anything back and it is something my students need right away.




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Thanks Kevin!  I was hoping not to go that route as I'm not quite sure when to find the time to teach myself to build a GDTF fixture.  I was really hoping there was a simple data mapping solution!  It's good to know what is possible though, so I can focus my energy appropriately.





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