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Vectorworks 3d Open Glitch



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Are all Design Layers the same scale? Only object at the same scale and in the same view as the active layer can be selected.


Are all Classes set to Visible? Classes that are not visible can still cause rendering issues if far from the origin.


What do your rulers say about where the object is located? It could be that the entire drawing is just a long way from the origin.

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Some design layers are at different scales for details and other things. 

All classes are set to visible. When I do zoom to fit model gets extremely small but I can not find other objects to select

Rulers say 185,000 x 225,000 I believe its in mm.


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Do the Zoom to Fit and then draw a marquee around each corner of the drawing. Look in the OIP an you will see X selected objects when you find them.


If you are brave you can just delete them. Or you can Fit to Objects to see what they are before you delete or move them.


Repeat as necessary until you get Zoom to Fit to be reasonable.

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1 hour ago, ESH said:

Any other suggestions file is unusable in this state. Ready to switch to revit.



Revit is unusable in this state.



From what you described in your posts, I am sure there are unwanted elements

far from VW internal origin. Pat has the file and will find them.

Pretty sure that would eliminate the problems.

If not, it could be a GPU or Driver issue.

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Actually I am not certain that I will.


I don't have a machine that will run VW2016. In VW2021, the drawing opens, but you can not change the view or zoom at all. It is unworkable. It won't open in VW2020 or VW2019 at all.


My best suggestion at this point is to commit all your changes back to the project server. Convert the file on the server to a VWX file instead of a project file and send me that and see if I can do anything with it.


Or commits the changes and send them to VW Tech Support for help.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@ESH While the above link does get you to a page where you can submit a tech support request, I have also emailed you directly with more info about the tech support that is available to you. I'm confident that once you submit your file to our tech support team for review, they will be able to figure out what is happening in it.

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OK, I think I have a way to get the file working.


Go to a Front view. Select All. Fit to Objects. It should zoom way out.

Click to deselect everything and draw a marquee to select the things close to the intersection of the axis. Edit menu:Invert Selection. When I do that I get a single 2D/3D symbol named. Equip Office Multi-Function Printer.  Delete the printer. 


Select All and Fit to Objects.  You should now have everything within about 40,000 mm of the origin and you should be OK.


The first time I did it I had to zoom in and do a marquee around the building and then do the Invert Selection again. That time I ended up with 3 heliodons that were a long way away. When I went back to the original file to document my steps they did not show up this time.



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