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Hey all, 


I really hope I haven't missed this somewhere in the forums either, but I would really like to be able to edit the widths of the chairs that I am using in my file. I can edit them in 2D, but I don't think I'm really doing that right. I'm effectively just editing values in the OIP. Is this something I need to just accept I can't do or is this something I need to make a custom symbol for? I'm really just not positive about how to go about doing that if I do have to effectively make my own chair from scratch. 


Thanks in advance for your help! 

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I am not sure if my proposal is what you need.

I prefer the simple way over a sophisticated one that I will forget later.


If I am dealing with Furniture, like from Libraries,

like a Chair, I usually need more than one of these.

For any Object that happens multiple times in File,

you should use a Symbol.

For file size and organizational reasons.


So you have a Chair Symbol in your resource manager and

apply Instances of it in your drawing.

Now you need to change the Chair sizes.

So you only have to edit the Chair in the Symbol by editing

the Symbol, like editing its 3D content.

If you do that and save the Symbol, all your Chair Instances will

automatically adapt to new dimensions over the whole file.


If you want to edit Chair Dimensions only for a few of your

Chair Instances,

you would Duplicate your Chair Symbol in Resource Manger,

give it a suitable name like Chair extended, edit its Dimensions,

select all effected Chair Instances and in OIP you would

change the parent Symbol to use the new Chair Extended Symbol

instead. All these Chairs will represent the new Chair model now.



Another trick,

if you want to replace all your Chair A Symbol Instances in the Drawing

by a new Chair B Symbol that you imported,

(you can create a backup Copy of Chair Symbol A, In case you may need

it later again),

delete Chair A in Resource Manager.

VW will recognize that there are still Instances of Chair A in File and will

ask if it should also delete them or assign a different Symbol to them.

Choose replace with Chair B Symbol.

All your Chair A copies will now be Chair Bs.

(rename the Backup Copy of Chair A Symbol back to its original name)

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