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structural grid lines


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Although I did not try these new Grid Lines (instead of a Grid Object before)

so far and I am not sure how these will work ....


Do I only have to draw a few Grid lines in Plan, set them up to my wishes

and they will also automatically appear (or be at least available)

in my Sections and Elevations ?

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I can't speak for your office IT.


But want to say that VW 2021 is one of the better upgrades.

(All uneven number upgrades of VW are better than even numbers 😉 )

It doesn't have that much SP0 flaws like last or previous versions.

It even seems to work well with the coming mac OS 11 although still in Beta

and it has noticeably improved in graphic performance.


And hey,

it has new Grid Lines ....



No matter how they work and if I will like them as they are.

In pre-VW 2021 times,

we (mis)used vertical Rectangles to provide (or fake) a Grid for VP's in 3D.

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I recently started to notice something: the importance of grid lines in construction documents ( or, how the architect of record documenting a project in contract documents) in US / North America and Europe/ Germany /Switzerland is not the same.


In the German or Swiss construction drawings not only gridlines do not always need to be there, but also the dimensioning often has nothing to do with gridlines. 

This is perhaps the reason why VW does not offer adequate gridline tool even in the 2020 version. 



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