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Export Images with Layers (PSD, TIFF,...)

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Unfortunately there isn't a way to get multiple 'layers' exported from one rendering in Vectorworks. It'll always be one image, either with or without an alpha channel (transparency).


What sort of 'layers' are you hoping for? Each object as its own layer? Each Design Layer? Shadows as a separate layer? While none of this is directly possible, knowing your goals might help us figure out other workflows that might be useful.


For true multi-pass / layered renderings you'd have to use something like Cinema4D or some other rendering-focused software.

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@Andy Broomell Thanks for the reply. I don't want to export a render with layer. My goal is, for example, to export a facade or a plan with the layer structure to open it in Photoshop or Procreate. For example as the attached image, where every rectangle is on a separate layer. As you can see the export from Vectorworks can generate a PDF with layers. My question is to do the same exporting as PSD or a file type that can be opened by Photoshop or Procreate. 




Schermata 2021-02-01 alle 19.53.44.png

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Does your VW version enable you to batch export your layers as individual .psd files?


I'm not a programmer but I have seen people writing scripts to merge multiple .psd files using e.g. imagemagick / IM

(people have written me a few IM scripts that do useful things with .psd files)


There's also this thread about exporting multiple images (from viewports) from a VW file, may be heading in the right direction;



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