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Section Viewport : Merging objects with same fill. Bug ?





I am drafting a section viewport and explored a bit different ways of doing it. My concern here is when we tick "merge objects with same fill". As shown in the picture bellow, some lines vanish (too many). Is it a bug or did I miss something ? How to fix this ? Second picture shows the same "detail" without ticking the box in order to help you to understand my issue. 





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Thank you for your reply and for your interesting suggestion. 


As you say, "add profile line" helps quite a bit, but in my case not exactly as I want since it doesn't differentiate structural and non-structural elements. 

The "merge sections", even with "create structural and non-structural groups" is not an option neither because it overrides the material fills in any case (even if we give no fills to the section styles). 


It would still have been better if the "merge objects with same fill" options would work properly (sorry for this truism). 🙂 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
55 minutes ago, Stéphane said:

Some news from the bug report you mentioned ? Still have the issue on other files and still would like to use "Merge Objects With Same Fill". 


Yes!  You should see a great majority of these issues fixed in the upcoming 2021 SP2 release.  There was one case in your test file (two overlapping slabs of different heights) that still shows a line between them.  That case should be fixed in a later SP.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
2 hours ago, Stéphane said:

Super nice news, thank you very much, Matt ! 

This issue won't be fixed in VW 2020 I guess (it doesn't cost anything to ask stupid question) ? 


There are no stupid questions - at least that's what I say in public. 😉 


Your guess is correct.  The issue will not be fixed in 2020.  The sectioning code is very complex and it's very likely that this fix is building upon other improvements added for VW 2021.  Merging a fix like this back to VW 2020 would likely break other things.

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