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Is Upgrading VW save?




im the IT-manager in an architecture company and I wanted to know if it is save to upgrade VW Versions while being in a project.


Some of my colleagues mentioned that they had problems with stamps not correctly working after upgrades in the past. Is this still an issue?


What do you recommend. Upgrading for new project or is it save nowadays to upgrade on the run?


Thanks in advance



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I think it is too risky and not worth to upgrade running projects to a new software version.

You can do that with projects that are just starting now.


But in any case you should do a test with an older project's file copy to see if a newer

software version will run well with your kind of designs or if you should wait a bit for

SPs and send bug/service requests instead.

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In my opinion it depends on a number of issues.


1. How close is the project to being done. The closer it is to completion the more important it is to leave it in the original version.

2. How long is the project going to go on? If the project will be done in a month, then leave it. If it will stretch 2 more years then there is more reason to move to the new version.

3. Are you being limited in the current version? Is there some aspect of the project that is requiring work arounds in the current version that might work more smoothly in the newer version.

4. Are there features in the new version that will directly help with the project? One example would be Drawing Label Back Referencing. If you deliverables require back referencing and live links in PDF Exports, then VW2021 will be a great help.


It all depends on the project and your users.



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I´d setup a single workstation and test the new version with most needed functions that your company uses to get the daily work done.

Keep an eye on relevant functions like printing, data import and export.

If you are working with project sharing, do intensive tests before switching running projects to a new version.

Follow the posts in the forum regarding problems other users have found and try to rebuild these with your test setup.

My personal opinion is always to wait until SP3 will be released, mostly in January 😉 

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