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Disappearing Viewports -


I've got a project that I've drawn the plan and the elevations in AutoCAD --- learning and working at the same time...


I've set up VW 'shuttle files' for both the plan and for the elevations.

On my main design file I have referenced viewports for each of the shuttle files on separate design layers (ExRwef, and ExRef-ELEV) and also on separate classes (V-XR ELEV, and V-XR PLAN) .


I've made an elevations sheet layer and placed viewports to the 4 elevation views from my shuttle file cad reference.

All looked good.


Then I went to a design layer to work a bit, then I went back to the elevations sheet layer...


3 of the 4 viewport had disappeared:


If I pan around they become visible while panning. If I zoom they become visible while zooming.


If I select them their outline becomes visible and selected:



If I export to PDF they print as visible:



But I can't see them.


I take that back -  as I was writing this 2 more became visible... for no apparent reason. 




I have a decent older professional graphics card (AMD Firepro v5900) and have no problems in any other 3D, drafting, or design programs.


Ant thoughts?

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If you restart your computer does it behave?  Other people will understand this way better than me, but I think that could be a graphics card or graphics memory issue.  You might want to give tech support a call.

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Does it correct the problem if you change the Navigation Graphics to something other than "Best Performance" (in the Display pane of the Vectorworks Preferences)?

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I thought it might be my graphics card, as it was an older AMD FirePro V5900.


I've updated to a current model, AMD Radion Pro WX 3200 and am still occasionally experiencing this issue.


I know in AutoCAD there was a set limit to the number of view ports you could allow to refresh per sheet.

This was an adjustable number that was user controlled.


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