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Viewport Bounding Box is Larger than the Viewed Area

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Does anyone know why the bounding box of my viewports are so big? If I crop them they become the size of the crop and look normal, but it looks like if I keep them uncropped they are the full size of the design layer regardless of the layers and classes being turned off. Please see attached screenshot for reference.

Bounding Box.jpg

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This happens even before I do any annotations. I create a viewport and it shows up this large. If I draw a box around the design layer view and turn that into a viewport it creates a cropped viewport and it works fine. I was trying to avoid that by just creating a viewport of the saved view I am looking at in the design layer and this is the outcome.

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stray objects could also be 2D objects that are not shown because "display planar objects", "project screen objects" or "display 2D componets" is turned off in the viewport.


I have this very often and always found the reason for this big bounding box are stray objects. My only solution ist to switch off class by class and layer by layer to see where the objects could be located.

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On 10/13/2020 at 3:02 PM, Pat Stanford said:

Without a crop the viewport will extend to the limit of all the objects in the drawing. Check your design layers for objects out at the limits of the viewport.

Sorry to revive this topic, but I'm suddenly having this problem as well. I turned on all classes and layers to be sure there was nothing floating off in space to dictate such a huge bounding box. I created viewports the other day without having this happen but now I can't see why this is happening.2001852647_ScreenShot2022-04-04at11_31_07AM.thumb.png.a92855020be8f2e8cd95ab2890843ccf.png

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With all layers and classes turned on, what happens when you select all and View:Zoom:Fit to Objects? 

If is zooms out similar to the viewport then you do have objects out in space. Do a marquee select around each corner and if anything is selected, fo a Fit to Objects to zoom in on them and see if you need them.


Or post the file here and we can take a look.

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It appears to open correctly for me in VW2022.


Are the Version and OS in your signature actually correct?  If so, I believe the latest version was SP5 or SP6, so you might want to see about upgrading.


Since this opened without an upgrade question, I am assuming that you are running VW2022.  VW2022 is compatible with Mac OS10.15, 11 and 12.


VW2022 SP3 is the most current release. If you don't have it I recommend you upgrade.


The screen shot below is from just selecting the sheet layer. I did not modify anything.


If it still doesn't work for you I don't have any other good suggestions, but ask anyway.



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Layer MOD-Roof Main-DES. The flat roof in the bottom right corner is corrupted.  The marker for the bearing plane and direction is located about -2000' in the X direction and 4000' in the Y direction. Select it and zoom way out and you will see it.


Layer MOD-Roof Upper Second-DES.  Similar Roof Face Corruption. The two roofs at the bottom have their markers showing at about -2000' x 4000'.  The small roof on the left has its marker showing at about 4000 feet in the X direction and 2000 feet in the Y direction.


For 5 objects I would just delete them and recreate them.


I have no idea how these roofs got their bearing lines where they are at.


The out of place lines don't get captured by Fit to Objects even though they show as selected.


The way I figured this out was to make a new viewport that showed the problem. I then set all the layers to invisible in the VP Layers... box and turned them on one at a time. As soon as I new which two layers were causing the problem it was pretty easy to isolate the problem since there were only a few objects on each layer.


HTH. Good Luck.

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