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Functions not in Function Reference (it is)

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I found an script i wanted to use as an example for making my own Plug In Objects.

This link is where i found the script:



i installed the script and it is working but when i opened the script to see how it is working i noticed some functions which are not in the Function Reference


Can someone tell me more about this? for example where i can find an description and parameters of these?


the functions:

vs.kObjXPropHasUIOverride   = 8
vs.kObjXHasCustomWidgetVisibilities = 12

vs.kParametricRecalculate   = 3
vs.kObjOnInitXProperties    = 5
vs.kObjOnWidgetPrep         = 41
vs.kObjOnObjectUIButtonHit  = 35

vs.kObjectEventHandled      = -8


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I see the scripts is setting variables using vs. in the variable name. this confused me.


the overall function is "VS:SetObjPropVS"  and the int. set to the variables are the parameters for this function


learning constantly, this script is using OOP if I'm correct

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