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control Workspaces

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On Vw2021, when we run

 EnableDebugMenu(True); or EnableDebugMenu(False);

, then "Debug" Menu turn on or off on the Menu bar of Workspaces.


In this way, can we control our Workspaces by script ?

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Can you rephrase your question? Are you asking how to create or edit a workspace using a script? Or do you want to use a script to execute menu commands?

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Thank you for your message .


I rephrase my question .
I want to know how to add some menus and tools to existing workspaces using the VS script .


I saw new functions about Workspaces
on site : /developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Vectorworks_2021_New_Functions


If we want edit a workspace, we have to use the new functions ?

Are there any sample script or hint somewhere ?


Initially, I think we would like to do add our menu to all workspaces .
I think so when I saw the EnableDebugMenu command can changes (add and hide) all workspaces .


Thank you .
(A&A Japan)

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I don't believe there is any way to edit all the workspaces at the same time. I think only the current workspace can be edited, but that is just a guess based on a quick read of the Function Reference.


The Enable Debug Menu is a special case in that it can not be added to the workspace through the Workspace Editor and only by hiding/showing via the DebugMenu calls.


I think you will have to look at the very short code snippets on the developer.vectorworks.net web site for information on the new ws2 function calls that were added to VW2021 to see how to edit the workspace.



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We looked
and others .


We tried using them On Vw2021, but could not .


Is there anyone who know how to use these functions
or who have any samples about them ?


    DYNARRAY[] of CHAR:=ws2GetMenuAt(menuPath,index);
    DYNARRAY[] of CHAR:=ws2GetToolAt(toolPath,index);




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