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Need advice layout many piece of wood

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@Travis.Designer did you work this yet?  Are you dimensioning AND preparing a file for (edit - For CNC - router, waterjet, laser, mill)  If not solved here are some suggestions. All this assumes the shapes are planar -not twisted or bowed. Looks like two shapes at least so you have to do this for each shape:


1. if these are extrudes or extrudes within a solid subtraction or the like,   Dbl click the object to edit, dbl click again until the extrude source object is displayed and selected. Copy the source object. Exit the edit panes until main drawing area is displayed. Set drawing to the layer you want to work in. Paste.  That should give you the 2d outline. You can then create viewport or dimension directly. 

2.  If these are created via extrude along path or something other than simple extrudes, engage the Extract tool (3d tool set) in Extract Surface mode. Any 3d view. Click the wide surface of the object. It will highlight. Click the green checkbox (upper left of window) or press Return to accept. A new NURBS surface is created coincident with the object. Check the OIP to confirm it’s a NURBS. Cut it, then Paste to your work area/layer. Rotate 3d as needed to place on layer plane. Post if you need help with that rotation. If desired, Ungroup to convert the surface into its component NURBS Curves. Now you have choices. Many CNC processes do not respond to NURBS. Often they only respond to circular arcs and straight segments.  Dimension from the NURBS outline or convert it to 2d. For CNC You can try Modify/Convert to polygon, but that yields about a million little facets. Might not work if future edits needed. Or trace with the 2d Polyline tool.  Might be best in the arc mode. Or several big straight facets and add arc points as needed. 

3.  If this is headed to CNC ask the cutter what linetype is required. Probably best to start with that as the 2d base object then manipulate into 3d, rather than having to convert 3d to 2d later

ok hth


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