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Changing Fill Colours in Landscape Areas

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Is it possible to set the same landscape areas as different colours on different sheet layouts?  For example, I have a class called 'proposed hedges'  On my planning drawing I want all landscape areas in this class to have a green fill and dark green line, as this is a coloured layout.  On the planting plan I want to use the same hedges but I don't want them to have a fill and I want the line to be black as this is a black and white drawing.  For most objects I can select the viewport on the sheet layout and click on the viewport class properties and choose different settings for colours etc just for this viewport.  But with landscape areas this doesn't seem to work??  I am using Vectorworks 2019.


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Check out Data Visualization in the help. I think it will probably do what you want. Or you might even be able to do it with Class Overrides in the different viewports if you don't have all of your Landscape Areas in the same class.

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Hi Pat, thanks for getting back to me.  I don't know what data visualisations is!  I cannot see it on the View menu, which is where I believe it is supposed to be??  I can see it on the object info when I click on the viewport, but I cannot work out how I am supposed to use it to change the colour of the landscape area.  If I select Landscape Area from the drop down menu in the Visualization Data tab from the Viewport info it doesn't seem to give me anything to do with the line and fill colours??


What I usually do is use the class overrides in a viewport.  This works well, for example I want to highlight all the retaining walls on a scheme so I colour them red.  But this does not seem to work on landscape areas.  I have my landscape areas set into classes (one for hedges, and one for shrub and perennial beds)  I have selected everything from each class and have selected 'make all attributes  by class' on the Attributes tab to make sure it's all correct.  But still in the viewport the colours of the landscape area are the same as my colour drawing.  


I need to have the landscape areas with no fill, so that I can bring this layer to the top of the drawing.  Otherwise I either have my existing tree canopies hidden by the fill of the landscape areas or the plant tags hidden by the lines of the canopies of the existing trees!


Thanks for you help!


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