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Wall openings

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YOU COULD USE THE 3D RESHAPE TOOL to add points, then move the points to where you want... a bit of fiddling around though

or you could draw 3 walls, with the middle wall having a base of 2000mm above floor level

Both these may display wrong in 2d plan view

the second option you could use classes to hide it in 2d...

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Create a hybrid symbol using 2D and 3D loci:

- Define the 2D opening extents with 2D loci

- Define the 3D opening extents with 3D loci

- Select both the 2D and 3D loci and create a hybrid symbol.

This hybrid symbol will form the openings in your wall as you require. The symbol will be easier to insert in the wall if you include dotted lines to indicate the wall over. (Loci formed openings can be difficult to select.)

In reality you are probably better off using the cased opening option with the jamb set to minimal dimensions so it is not visible.

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