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Parameters in OIP



Hello everyone,


Trying to make fields from custom records show up in OIP, and (Spotlight) export to Lightwright.


Per this help article:

"Additional Default Records

Opens the Additional Default Records dialog box, to select additional records with default data for lighting devices.

Only applicable records display. Select one or more record formats from those present in the file; a check mark in the Use column indicates that the default data in the record will be included. At insertion or replacement, the lighting device processes the additional record. If a match is found for a record field name, the default data from the record attached to the symbol applies to that field and displays in the Object Info palette."


This suggests to me that if I make a custom record, then make a custom parameter whose name exactly matches the custom record field, then I can make it show up in the OIP, edit it, and manipulate it for export.


I have done, that, and it's not tracking.  Screenshots attached.  The OIP shots are for the same lighting device.  When I change the field value in either the data or the shape pane, they do not relate to each other.  Both the record field and the parameter are set to "dimension" numbers.  I have turned vectorworks off and on again.


I'm immensely frustrated and could really use some help.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong here.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

"Additional Default Records" works just like the "Light Info Record", data is only read from the record when the lighting device is placed or replaced. The information does NOT sync automatically when data is changed on an existing lighting device.

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