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Hi all,


For some reason my heliodon when placed is not really doing much. I usually can control the sun etc - however I am getting nothing - just a very dark space & not a lot going on.


This has never happened before - and help welcomed 


Thank you , David 

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Verify the following:

Is the class and layer on?

Is it active in the lighting control?

does it have attributes set properly?


one of those is usually the culprit.


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You don't specify which Render Mode you are using. If it's Open GL check [View>Rendering>Open GL Options] to verify that "Use Shadows" is ON. FWIW, the default state for a new document is OFF...  

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Heliodons have especially buggy behaviour. They cause me endless trouble. There are other threads. Here are some things I've found over the years (I use vw2018 so no idea if any of the followng is different in later versions)

- if a heliodon won't allow itself to be switched on or off, try closing and reopening the drawing file

- sometimes changing the "brightness" setting of a heliodon has no effect. Try creating a new one, with the same settings.

- heliodons sometimes don't want to be re-assigned to a different class (or layer?). This is especially infuriating, because you change its class in the OIP, and the OIP tells you it's in a certain class, but actually it isn't (or at least, the change of class is ineffective). If you want to change a heliodon's class, make that class active, and create a new heliodon with the same settings.

- I think a buggy heliodon can sometimes mess with other things like ambient light. If so - create a new heliodon

- I think turning heliodons on or off via the visualisation pallette is unreliable. I now have all heliodons "on", and I control whether they are active or not by class or layer - ie, put the heliodon in its own class, and then turn that class on or off per viewport or view.

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