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Templates in a network environment

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I manage 25 Macs (OS X.4) that connect to a Windows 2003 server. As a long time user in this environment, I have our standard Template reside on the Network and place an alias in the Templates folder to link to our ?VectorWorks Default.mcd?. This has worked well since MiniCad 5 all the way through VectorWorks 11.5 but doesn?t work with VectorWorks 12. When I set it up like I?ve stated, VW 12 tries to open the Alias instead of following the Alias to the original resulting in ?Unrecognizable File Type?.

Is there a work around?

I would hate to have to touch every machine everytime an update is made.

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I think NNA started using suffixes in VW12 for Mac (.sta in the case of templates) so it's probably related to that in some way.

What you could maybe do is create a "Template" folder on your server (with all your templates in it) and then create an alias (shortcut) to this folder in each Vectorworks application folder on the clients (replacing the one there already).

This works in a Mac OS X Server/Mac OS X environment anyway.

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