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Naming solids in marionette


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I'm using marionette for cabinets.
So the bottom and sides, etc are extrusions.

I can give a name to a normal extrusion which I can find in my spreadsheet with it's measurements.

But how can I give a name to a extrusion in a marionette object?
I want to extract the measurements of my extrusions out of the marionette objects into the spreadsheet.

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I guess you're not the one that's missing something...😁

I hadn't found that name node.

Thanks, this helps me halfway.


I can't name multiple objects the same, since every object must have its own name.
So the sides would have to be named different, well that's possible..

How can I name the entire marionette object?

In the spreadsheet I would have the name of the cabinets in one column and the name of the parts in another.

I don't know if that's going to work, because I would have multiple object with the same name, only from a different object.


Any ideas on that?

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That is not going to work because VW only allows a single object to have a specific name.

Perhaps what you want instead of using the Name field in the OIP is to create a custom Record Format and attach that to the object and store your "part name" in a field there. You can still access it from the worksheet, but you can then have multiple parts with the same name.

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Take a look at  the Set Record Field node in the Record & IFC section. You should be able to use String nodes to set the Record Name, the Field Name, and the Field Value. One Set Record Field node for each of the extrudes in your Marionette should be all you need.


You will need to already have created the Record Format in the drawing prior to running the Marionette. Or you could use the Create Field node to build the Record Format from inside the Marionette. But in MNSHO, it is safer to have it already created.

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Hello Pat


Basically everything works until I wrap the network and turn it into a marionette object.


1.  As a script network, i can name the bars and read them of correctly in the table ("Item" A, B, C, D).

2. If I run the tool as a marionette object, the names are no longer correct ("Item" A, A, C, D)....?

You can find .1 and 2. on a separate work plane as an example.


The script and the object contain the same network.


I think that the problem is to be found in the creation of the names or in the DB connection.



Thank you for your help



Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-29 um 21.24.49.png

Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-29 um 21.25.06.png

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On 7/30/2021 at 9:00 AM, Antonio Landsberger said:

why not just connect the Ordered List node directly to the Set Record Field


Hi Antonio



The problem remains the same.

I have unique names or labels for every single bar in the marionette object.

These names or labels do not appear correctly in the table.
The dimensions, however, are correct.

I have noticed that this problem only exists with the marionette object.

The list serves as a material list. I have a piece of each ingredient. It is also wrong if "frame below" is displayed twice.


Thank you for your help.77108015_Bildschirmfoto2021-07-31um13_39_59.thumb.png.613e21fd050056860b110c55c3db0235.png

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I figured out what the issue is and why it doesn't happen while it's still a network and not a marionette object.

The node Parent PIO doesn't do anything while in a normal Marionette network, simply because there is no Parent-PIO at the time.

When this network is made into a Marionette object, Parent PIO puts out a new Handle - additionally to the four 3D boxes already present.


After removing the node Parent PIO everything works just fine.

Question is: what use is this node where it is positioned in the network? What is the goal?

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Hello Antonio


If only it was always so easy to solve problems.


I used the Parent PIO node because it can be found in most of the functioning networks in the forum. As a beginner, I can just leave the knot off.


Another theme ...
As a professional, how would you import an external database or CSV file?
I would filter the values with Marionette and continue working with the filtered values.


Thank you

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