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VERY basic question, newbie needs help!

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Have been looking through some tutorials but either i've missed it or it hasn't been brought up.


Quick made up example, I have drawn a square 100x100mm, now I want a circle 15mm in from the left edge and 23mm in from the top. What is the best way to do that? In fusion 360 as an example I would draw the square, put the circle roughly where I want it and then use driving dimensions to put it exactly where I want. Is there a similar command I can use?


One way i've tried is using  lines and drawn one line from one edge 15mm in and then used that as a reference to draw a line 23mm in and now I can place the circle where they intersect..

This does not feel like the correct way of doing it, what am I missing?

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Basically VW has the "G" key to input a relative distance form something.

I used similar in Microstation over and over ("O" key to zero cursor position).


But after 7 years of VW I still don't get that G point thing working.

Although I re-try every now and then. I don't get the logic and timing.



the easiest way for me is either

- draw circle at rectangle edge and move it into place later by Move Tool


- draw a helper geometry like a Rectangle to get snap able XYpositions

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@zoomer Thank you!! It might take a while to get used to but that is very helpful! Sometimes drawing some geometry might be helpful and i actually did try placing the circle on the edge and move it in place later, it just felt kind of clunky for such a basic thing. The "G" key will definitely help speed things up!

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Another thing I often do is checking or re-positioning

objects via numeric input in the Object Info Palette (OIP)


As you can do math in numeric input fields.

So you can draw the Circle at a Vertex of the Rectangle.

In OIP X field type +15mm, after the current X position number, Enter.

Add -23mm for the Y position.

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Adding to what @zoomer said, The Move by Points tool (Basic Tool Palette) in the 4th mode will move an object a measured distance (relative to a second object) along a path you indicate with your cursor.


It can take a minute or two to get the hang of but is definitely worth it.

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