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Copy/Move Elements between Layers with different Z heights


I still wish :


When copying or moving elements between Layers,

where both Layers have different Z height levels (manually assigned or by Story settings)


VW should :

a) pop a Warning

b) offer an Option Dialog

- keep Objects Delta-Z from Layer height level

- retain Objects global Z from World Height


(Maybe in a more hidden way by using CTRL key or such as an option to switch)


As it is,

it is very comfortable if you want to copy parts of your 1st Floor Wall design

into the Layer of the Layer of the 2nd Floor.

But it is not very comfortable if you e.g. accidentally drawn something on the wrong

Story's Layer, want to change its Layer and manually have to calculate the Layers

height difference to re-move the elements into Z-Position.

Or if you import an IFC or DWG and want to spread the imported Geometry over your

existing VW Story System.

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On 10/7/2020 at 12:44 PM, zoomer said:

I still wish :


When copying or moving elements between Layers,

where both Layers have different Z height levels (manually assigned or by Story settings)


It seems the solution is simple as it is overdue. The object should be moved to the target layer maintaining its Z value relative position to layer origin.

Currently when moving between layers, object get their Z position based on the originating layer's origin with no regard for its placement on the target layer.

In other words, if the object is 4ft above the floor level on the source layer it should move to the target layer and be 4ft above the floor on the target layer and NOT 4ft plus the difference in layer elevations.

My work around for this is to have the source layer visible (show snap modify layers) and target layer active. Then group and ungroup the object. This action moves the object to the target layer and keeps its proper Z location. Really handy if you've drawn a 3D object on the wrong layer and need to move it.


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I often used Helper Lines on each Story height,

to be able to transfer Elements back between Story delta heights.


Yes, standard behavior is ok in many cases,

like copying all your Walls to another Story or such.

But there are so many cases where you want to shift Objects

between Layers and keep its World Heights.

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