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Enscape coming out of Beta

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello, the Enscape free beta period is coming to a close.  Enscape is about ready to ship the Vectorworks plugin.


You can get the free beta here if you haven't already:



Edit: to get the very latest beta of Enscape go here.  This installer works with 2020 and 2021.  They update nearly every two weeks:



Let us or Enscape know if you have any remaining issues using Vectorworks and Enscape together.  You can report issues directly to them with their Feedback Tool.


It has been a pleasure developing this plugin with them, they are a great partner.  Enjoy!


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Dave, I take it the Beta will not run on 2021? As per the Enscape site "Download Enscape 2.7.1 to run Enscape with Vectorworks Service Pack 3 for free until October 2020". Is there a Partner Program to enable Vw Distributors to provide support? I've asked Phil Read via email...but you may already have something in place? 

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You have to look for their latest Beta or Testing versions.

Usually there are some links below the official download button

I think there is already a 2.9.4 or something.

Also there is more information bout latest Previews on their forum.


I also had Enscape already installed and did not find it

in VW 2021 after installation.

But after I installed a next current Enscape preview, it was

also accessible from VW 2021.

(I think it is just necessary to install Enscape after/over a VW

to make it working)

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OK, seems I missread your whole question 🙂

(asset library only not available ...)


That is strange. I always had access.

Should not be a missing or misplaced resource,

as the content is online only.

(AFAIK the work on offline assets but not sure if already available or not)


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  • 2 months later...

So here is a question and an interesting note.  The assets now available from Enscape are not now useable in 2D or 3D VW plans, they come in as polygons.  Previously they were useable looking like trees in in all views.  Of course they do work in Enscape same goes for cars and people.  What I noticed is that the older version trees were VBvisual plants.  What does this mean to us now, anything.  I had used them in a project so the ones I used are still available to use and they look fine in both programs.  I did some searching and see the Revit users are complaining about the same thing.  

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