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There's no error message (apart from 'the application Vectorworks has unexpectedly quit ....') - the program just quits. Some VW11 files do open - they seem to work but when I render with open GL the program quits - doesn't do this with other rendering methods. If a layer is already in open GL in a VW11 file VW12 will quit during the converting to VW12 process.

Hope this is enough information ...



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Kate: I am having a similar problem with older files converted to 12.

Vectorworks 12 allows me to open and edit these files (I haven't tried rendering yet), but when I attempt to change the page size with page setup, the screen disappears - a full program crash where Vwks vanishes.

I can select a page in the pull down menu, but not in page setup.

I have repeated this several times and the crash happens each time I select page setup.

This is a file from Vwks 9 that was converted to 10 and this morning I converted it to 12.

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Make sure you're running 12.0.1

Beyond that, to help either of you trouble-shoot your situation, we need to know which system (down to the 3rd digit - ie, OS 10.4.5) you're running, which machine you're running on, how much memory you've got.

Bea, your crashing sounds like it might be related to low memory or non-current OpenGL. Make sure you have the latest version of OpenGL and I'd recommend you have at least 1.5gb of RAM. I'd strongly encourage you to consider upgrading to OS 10.4. I've had fewer crashes with 10.4 and VW 12 than ever before.

dudurf, sounds like you might have a corrupted file. You might try WGR'ing the layers into a new document. See "How to Save a Corrupt File" here: http://www.archoncad.co.nz/resources/resources.php

You might also have a slightly corrupt install of VW itself. But if so, it would probably show up in more than one file.

Please understand that I'm shooting pretty much in the dark without more information. But I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you're knocking your head against a wall.

Good luck both,

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OpenGL is part of the operating system. If you're running the latest version of 10.3 (.9?), you've probably got the latest OpenGL that works with 10.3.

Someone from NNA would have to weigh in re whether 12.0.1 has known issues with 10.3 (I would be mildely surprised if there were).

A G4 will certainly run VW, but if you're trying to render much -- and especially if you've got one of the older G4s (533, 733, 900) -- you're going to be watching a lot of spinning beach balls.

[ 03-31-2006, 04:29 PM: Message edited by: Travis ]

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Updated to Vwks 12.0.1

Still crashes completely on original document, which leads me to believe that you're right about something being corrupted in that file.

New document with imported labels is stable so far.

Vwks 12.0.1 does seem to take a long time to open a file, however.

I get the spinning beach ball for about 1.5 minutes, during which time my force quit windows says 'Vectorworks is not responding'.

After a couple of minutes, the desktop comes up suddenly and the force quite window changes to active Vectorworks.

Is this normal?

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Are you opening a file after VW is already launched? And it takes 90 seconds? How big is the file?! Do you have viewport caching turned on or off? Do you have it saved with a rendered view in the window? I try to remember to close large files while viewing a simple screen so not much rendering has to happen next time I open it.

I do notice that VW 12 takes a while to launch. . .there must be considerable information to load off the hard drive. But even then, it's less than 30 seconds on my 1.8 and about half that on the dual 2.3 (but the dual has a 10,000 rpm drive). I wonder if you need to run Disk Utility - Repair Permissions to "clean" things up a bit.

Good luck,

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What version of OS 10.3 are you using?

When was the last time you ran disk utility?

Are you getting the error message when opening the file or once the file is open and you activate an Open GL rendering?

I can't tell from the information provided the exact step that is triggering the message.

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When was the last time you ran disk utility?

What does "a long time to open a file in VW" equivilate to in actual minutes?

What other applications are you running while VW is running?

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'Get more info' in 'About this mac' says my version is 10.3 (no third digit). Haven't run disk utility for a long time - I'll try it.

Some files open and the error message comes when I render with Open GL. Wth other files the error message comes as the files are opening - these may have been saved in VW11 with a layer rendered in Open GL.


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One of the best investments I have made is to buy Diskwarrior. Apple's Disk Utility is OK, but Diskwarrior can fix things that DU cannot.

Your problem might be file related. But if I were you, I would run Diskwarrior to make sure that everything is OK on that level.

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I knew I shouldn't have read this thread. Everything was going fine and now all of a sudden my VW is crashing for no apparent reason and no obvious consistency.

My file is developed from scratch in VW 12.0.1 (Mac) and Mac OS 10.4.5 on a 1 GHz Power PC G4 w/768 MB ram. And the crashes continue after running both Disk Warrior and Disk Utility. No other programs are experiencing problems.


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Bea -

Go back to about this mac - there should be a third number in the OS version.

You may see 10.3 in bold, but right below you should see something like v10.3.9 or something.

It doesn't hurt to run Software Update in the event you can't find this number. That will ensure you are using the latest version of OS 10.3.9.

After updating, you'll want to run Disk Utility to verify and repair disk permissions followed by a restart.

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If you already do the following on a regular basis, my apologies, but Macs do seem to like a little maintenance, say weekly at least:

Is your computer left on at night? There is a program that runs in the wee small hours, so if you turn the computer off at night, it doesn't run - download MacJanitor and run that.

Repair permissions, including before and after adding/downloading software.

Buy DiskWarrior or similar and run weekly.

Check Software Updates (or better get it to run itself at a certain time each week) and update all available Mac programs. You might want to consider updating to OS10.4.xx, and current versions of Vectorworks like lots of RAM.

I also do these before I do a backup - you are backing up, aren't you?

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