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A few questions regarding drawing and hatch issues


hi all,


Im still learning the ropes on Vectorworks and have come across these few problems on my drawings i hope some of you can help with (ive tried searching online and help but it can be a minefield and most of you here will probably have the answers!)


Thanks in advance!:


-Why is car shown as wire frame

-How do I realign hatching on wall style (make brick hatch line up between floors and around corners)

-Why did roof soffit end up at different heights between front and rear façade

-Why is Hatch not lining up correctly on roof plane (it appears to be one plane in wireframe)

-Window reveals in wall- how to close off






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The car I think looks like wireframe because VW is drawing lines at the edges of the facets on a mesh type object. There should be an option to change the smoothing angle under Hidden Line render settings. If you set it to 5 degrees or so, that usually sorts this kind of thing.


Unfortunately the window tool can't do reveals. So you have to draw them manually. There are lots of things about the window tool that don't work properly.


Others may be able to help on hatches. I mostly avoid them because of the kind of problems you're having.

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Thanks line-weight - IVe sorted the car wireframe look witht the degrees you mentioned (needed to set to 20!)


Very disapointing if this is the case regarding the window tools - i know it gives the open to extend the frame into the wall full width but this is not how a real window would sit - surely theres got to be a way to cap the wall in these locations? having to draw them manually really defeats the whole purpose of having a window insert tool in the first place

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Sadly the inadequacies of the window tool are a long running complaint here, and Vectorworks remains largely silent on when there's going to be a fix. Complain to your local distributor - maybe the message will get through eventually.


My solution (for early stage drawings) is sometimes to position the window so that it sits outside of the insulation layer, even if that's not what's going to happen in reality, and then it at least looks OK-ish from the outside.

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