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Drawing Title Scale Margin controls Sheet Number in VW 2019+



Some time ago, one of my clients requested more space between the displayed scale and the line of a Drawing Title.  No problem.  Well, at least, not a problem in VW 2018...


Evidently, in 2019 through 2121, the Scale Margin also controls the location of the Sheet Number.  Why??


So not only have I wasted 30 minutes going back through Vectorworks versions looking for a time when the Scale Margin did indeed only control the location of the Drawing Scale, (to prove I wasn't imagining it) and putting together this post, but I also now have to tell my client "Nope, sorry, no can do."


This one little thing isn't such a big deal.  It's the endless prevalence of such little things that's increasingly frustrating and exhausting.  VWIS203

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I think so.  If in the OIP you change the "Scale Margin" for a "Drawing Label" (which I incorrectly referred to as a "Drawing Title"...), it changes the vertical position of the Scale Display.  But (unlike in VW 2018), it also changes the vertical position of the Sheet Number (in the bottom half of the "Bubble" when "Number Style:" is "Drawing and Sheet").  I only want to move the Scale Display, not the Sheet Number (because that then becomes half-in and half-out of the "Bubble's" circle...).  I haven't dug into 2121 yet; maybe there'll be a solution there.  In the meantime, just trying to be productive with 2020!...  Thanks.

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