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Framing Members Should be able to use Materials

Tom Klaber


Materials is a great addition - but the implementation is lacking and feels very stuck on top rather than truly integrated.  Framing members for example can't use materials.  Simple objects have this checkbox that you first have to select to then open the options for materials.   As mentioned before the way the render tab handles Textures is inconsistent. 


Anyway - to the problem at hand - wanted to make a framing plan and add a texture to the framing members but was not able to.



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I've got feeling that framing member was deliberately left out of new material resource. I guess structural member will eventually replace it (judging from virtual summit keynote and mention of improved structural member).

While you can apply texture to timber frame its mapping is not correct in rafters and sloped members.

I've decided to make transition to structural member because of material ability even though it is quite difficult to model for example rafter member with some slope. I do it now with assistance of framing member that I delete when structural member is properly placed/has correct slope.

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