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2020 - LIVE Design Day additional questions

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4 hours ago, Hans-Olav said:

Any change you will post a recording? 

Yes, the live presentations will be available on-demand today. HERE 


I just checked, and our team is working on uploading the sessions, they will be ready soon. While they finish, you can start watching some of the Guest presenters videos. 

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18 hours ago, JuanP said:

A question from our live sessions:


·       CAN  -  "Why we can not import or export to Archicad"

  • I don't see many requests for this file format from my experience in Tech support and training. However, we are focused on IFC (Industry Foundation Classes), an open file format that will be a more neutral platform, and will play better with Archicad and other BIM solutions in the market.

You probably don't hear about it because everyone has given up 😉

I faced this problem about a month ago.  A search of the forum and internet turns up many results of frustrated users.


It is sad that two software companies owned by the same parent company can't talk to each other.  Sadly, ArchiCAD -> Sketchup is the recommended format to get everything into Vectorworks.  Vectorworks to ArchiCAD is less than acceptable via IFC unless you spend an inordinate amount of time assigning IFC characteristics within Vectorworks.  Even then, it doesn't look pretty and drops a lot of modeled elements.

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Hi VW,

Could you please develop a ramp tool that behaves like the stair tool (where one instance of a stair will appear on both its story layer and its target story layer)

So the type of ramp I am thinking about is a vehicle ramp - the kind you'd find either in a multi story or basement carpark. This type of ramp typically has grade transitions and kerbs (so being able to use a component slab would enable this).


Also agree with the comment above about Hardscape and Slab workflow. Perhaps Slab, Floors and Hardscapes could all become the one tool?


thanks VW, also Live session was great.

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Hi @JuanP & VW, I do really appreciate all the effort made both for 2021 and for the design day.

Here are my questions, all related to VW Architect:

  • Is VW planning to improve consistency and shaping capabilities of slabs, roofs, roof faces, hardscapes, slab drainage (e.g. making non-horizontal ramps/slabs possibile)?
  • Is VW planning to extend wall and component joins capabilities to non-2dplan environments?
  • How VW plans to develop in future the most common BIM tools (walls, slabs, stairs, windows/doors, etc)? Is VW moving towards a shaping-friendly attitude (e.g. structural elements, walls) or towards a data-input approach (e.g. the current stair tool, lot of inputs to be inserted before getting a shape)
  • Is there any plan to simplify and increase consistency - maybe even merging - of polylines and 2d/3d polygons tool?

Thanks in advance for listening!

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@str Thank you for your questions:


1 & 2 - Yes, these are common building elements, and we are always trying to improve the quality of the model.

3 - Where is possible; we prefer editing methods and editing objects in context. 

4 - This is a good question, we are always looking for ways to simplify the UI, and this idea has floated around. Please stay tuned.  

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